About Mari Tautimes

Experienced Leadership You Can Count On

Mari Tautimes is a seasoned leader with over 22 years of business experience helping her family company grow 10x in the past 6 years which is a direct result of an incredibly talented leadership team as well as her own tenacious appetite for learning. Even more important than learning, Mari is dedicated to implementing what she learns. 

"Knowledge isn't power. Action is power." - Tony Robbins

Armed with a GED, Mari started as an administrative assistant. From there she went into sales, then leveled up to sales trainer and then became a CE Instructor in her field for the Arizona LTCI (long-term care insurance) Partnership Program.

After unsustainable shifts in the industry, Mari closed down her LTCi Sales department in 2012 and changed her focus to marketing and operations to support the rapidly expanding Medicare division lead by her twin brother, Paul Rose. In this role, Mari learned how to build teams, culture, technology, marketing strategies and operational efficiencies. 

In 2016, Mari and Paul were named Co CEO's as a result of their complimentary skill sets. Paul focused on finance, sales and market expansion as an extremely well respected thought leader and subject matter expert on Medicare. Mari began new work on leadership growth and development, vision and innovation. This would not have been possible without the leadership team who took on the marketing, technology and operations off of her plate. 

To continue to develop herself as a CEO, Mari signed up for Business Mastery (Tony Robbins), 4-Day MBA (Keith Cunningham), Dare to Lead Trained Certification (Brene Brown) as well as Life and Wealth Mastery, Date with Destiny and Unleash the Power Within, which are all Tony Robbins events.

Seeking additional outside perspective to help her reach the next level, Mari joined Vistage, a CEO Roundtable group where she was introduced to EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®). This was a game changer for both the business and Mari personally, who made the extremely difficult decision to exit the business as a result.

What she learned is that her life's passion is to help business leaders learn and grow individually and together in ways that are mutually beneficial to themselves and the organizations and missions they serve. Mari is uniquely talented at connecting with whoever she is serving to understand at the deepest level what is needed in that moment to help the individual and/or organization get to the next level. 

Outside of her EOS Implementer® Role

Equally important to Mari is her mission to help more women Lean In, which is why she also leads a Lean In Circle in the Phoenix area as well as  individually mentors 10 women each year. 

Mari's journey to success is an unlikely one.  She had her first son at the age of 15 and was able to rise up from poverty, abusive relationships and hardship through a set of actions that she was unaware of at the time, but now teaches others how to do to by helping them identify what they want, create a plan and establish the discipline and habits to get them to where they want to go. 

Other passions include her family - her incredibly handsome, patient and talented husband Andrew, 4 incredible kids Damon, Andres, Sophie and Liam and her new daughter-in-law Nikki and granddaughter Gwendolyn.  Mari is a passionate Pelotonian (it's a thing), Podcaster and is practicing in the art of Jiu Jitsu at Gracie Arizona Academy in Phoenix.  

Mari can be hired as an EOS Implementer, Speaker/Trainer and Coach. Her calendar fills up quickly. To connect with Mari today, please click here.

Additional Services

In addition to being an EOS Implementer, Mari is also a motivational business speaker, Podcaster and coach.